Re-Entry Phase

The Re-Entry Phase is the third and final stage of the Program. The purpose of the Re-entry phase is to assist the student in developing the structure, self-discipline, and lifestyle needed in order to transition back into society. It is meant to be a stable environment and a helpful transition from life in a highly structured program to a life that is basically self-managed.

During this phase of the program students obtain full-time employment, have the opportunity to begin college course work,
and will be able to choose their own church where they will pursue membership. Spiritual teachings and disciplines are VERY practical in this stage where we stress the importance of the men taking responsibility for their own walk with the Lord. Life skills are also stressed at this phase including resume building, budget training, job interview skills, and exit plan preparation.

Our desire is the time spent in the Hope House will help students
to grow into the men God desires them to be, and to help students
develop the skills to live responsibly and drug free after completing the Adult and Teen Challenge Program.

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