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The first nine month of Adult and Teen Challenge is by design an intense discipleship model. The goal is to help the student establish a strong foundation in which to build on throughout the program. The first 2 week of the program is the crisis and orientation phase. During this two-week period the student is paired with a senior student who will assist him in learning about the program as well as model key components that lead to success. The student will also begin personal studies contract work that will immerse him in the Gospel as well as reflect on his life and the issues that lead him to entering the ATC program.


During the induction phase the student begins to acclimate to the structure of the program. In this phase the student will begin our 16-week group studies of basic teachings focusing on addressing issues like anger management, relationships etc. and begin learning to understand how to apply the teachings of Jesus in their life. At this time an advisor is assigned to assist the student in processing through contract work as well as class and group material.


In the advance phase the teaching begins to get more practical. Students in this phase of the program focus on applying what they have learned thus far in the program in their everyday lives. Class work shifts from being a lecture style class to much more of a “round table discussion”.

Adult & Teen Challenge of Memphis

Founder David Wilkerson was a Pennsylvania country preacher who came to New York City in an attempt to speak with seven young gang members on trial for murder. He didn’t achieve his goal that day, but he achieved another. Seeing the plight of teens decimated by drugs, he founded Teen Challenge to reach gang members with a message of God’s love. As an epidemic of drug addiction began to reduce the gangs in New York, the fledgling Teen Challenge and Wilkerson adapted to this new reality to help those bound by drug addiction. In 1958 the first Teen Challenge was developed to help residents overcome addictions and to learn to live as drug-free Christians in the real world. Today Teen Challenge offers help to over 28,000 men, women, boys and girls worldwide who face life-controlling problems. In a day when drug abuse and addiction has crossed every geographic, economic, cultural and ethnic barrier, Teen Challenge is a refuge where freedom can be found. Every day God’s love and forgiveness is transforming lives from the inside out. We offer hope for those who have grown up in families and communities where substance abuse creates a spiral of addiction, as well as those who come from stable and loving homes in good neighborhoods. Change can happen. The real story of Teen Challenge is a story about God’s power to change lives. We’ve seen it many times in the lives that have been transformed at Teen Challenge.
Adult & Teen Challenge of Memphis
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Adult & Teen Challenge of Memphis
Adult & Teen Challenge of Memphis
We hear stories everyday of how God is restoring families thru Adult and Teen Challenge. We want to share one of those stories with you. Mattison Adult & Teen Challenge Testimony
Adult & Teen Challenge of Memphis
Mattison Adult & Teen Challenge Testimony
Adult & Teen Challenge Memphis - Mattison's Student Testimony Mattison tells how his family is being restored by him being at ATCTN. Today Teen Challenge off...
Adult & Teen Challenge of Memphis
Adult & Teen Challenge of Memphis
This past month has been busy here in Memphis. Check out our latest Newsletter and here what God is doing in the Lives of the students. #hopeliveshere #atctn #tc #901hope
Adult & Teen Challenge of Memphis
Adult & Teen Challenge of Memphis is in Memphis, Tennessee.
Thank you to Cathedral of Praise for taking the guys out to lunch. #hopeliveshere #901 #901hope #atctn #TeenChallenge #Adult&TeenChaenge @ Memphis, Tennessee

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Anatole Williams
Executive Director

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