Memphis Adult Teen Challenge

Anatole Williams – Executive Director


The first nine month of Adult and Teen Challenge is by design an intense discipleship model. The goal is to help the student establish a strong foundation in which to build on throughout the program. The first 2 week of the program is the crisis and orientation phase. During this two-week period the student is paired with a senior student who will assist him in learning about the program as well as model key components that lead to success. The student will also begin personal studies contract work that will immerse him in the Gospel as well as reflect on his life and the issues that lead him to entering the ATC program.


During the induction phase the student begins to acclimate to the structure of the program. In this phase the student will begin our 16-week group studies of basic teachings focusing on addressing issues like anger management, relationships etc. and begin learning to understand how to apply the teachings of Jesus in their life. At this time an advisor is assigned to assist the student in processing through contract work as well as class and group material.


In the advance phase the teaching begins to get more practical. Students in this phase of the program focus on applying what they have learned thus far in the program in their everyday lives. Class work shifts from being a lecture style class to much more of a “round table discussion”.

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Anatole Williams
Executive Director