Do you take insurance?

No. Adult and Teen Challenge of Memphis does not accept any form of insurance to cover the cost of a student’s tuition.

Do you accept students on probation or parole?

Yes. We work with the courts to satisfy requirements of probation and parole. We can provide monthly status reports including drug test results.

He is in jail. Can we still do an application?

Yes. A family member can call and fill out the preintake screening, which is the first step of the intake process.

What is the visitation, mail, and phone policy?

Students can have contact with immediate family members. After they have completed their two week orientation they are eligible for mail, calls, and visits. Visits are the first Friday and third Friday and Saturday of every month. Students that are married and/or have children are eligible and can apply for overnight weekend passes.

If he enters your program but is dismissed or quits can he reapply?

Absolutely. After a student has waited 30 days he can reapply and potentially be readmitted.

Do you allow nicotine at your facility?

No. This includes gums, patches, vape pens, e-cigs, etc.

Can he obtain his GED while in Adult and Teen Challenge of Memphis

Yes. We partner with Hope Works Memphis to assist with our tutoring and GED program.

Will my son have opportunities to “give back” while he is there?

Yes. There are several ways. Each student has the opportunity to take part in one of our quarterly mission trips, these are powerful and always life changing. He will have an opportunity to apply for our worship team where he can help lead other students in worship. They also have outreach each Wednesday where they serve food to the homeless while practicing their evangelism skills.

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