Call (833) 462-8286 and fill out a pre-intake screening form. If the potential student is incarcerated or unavailable a family member can call on his behalf. It is preferred that the potential applicant call if at all possible.


The Intake Coordinator will return the call based on the pre-intake screening and conduct the official interview.


If accepted into ATC Memphis or Nashville, a valid credit card will be required to reserve a bed. An initial payment of $750.00 on or before the day of admission ($250 non-refundable processing fee + $500 for the first month’s tuition) will be required.  Please access the welcome packet below for the financial agreement, sign and send it back along with your payment to your intake coordinator to be considered for admission.

Bloodwork is required prior to entering the program. The health screening form at the bottom of this screen must be printed and completed by a medical facility and faxed to the intake coordinator as proof bloodwork was completed. Once results are back the medical facility will then fax to the intake coordinator. In the event bloodwork is not completed prior to scheduled intake date an additional $125.00 will be required at intake for bloodwork.

Once admitted, the card will be kept on file and charged $500 per month until the student enters the Re-Entry phase and becomes gainfully employed. All beds are given on a first come, first served basis, we strongly recommend reserving a bed as soon as possible.


If the student is on probation or parole we will require written approval from the court stating such. All court dates should be taken care of prior to entering in the program. We can provide documentation regarding his acceptance into the program for any and all parties necessary.

Step 5

We are NOT a medical detox facility so to ensure the student’s safety we require that ALL students be detox prior to admission.


If you are accepted into our program there are certain things you will need to bring:


Storage space is limited. Bring only enough clothes for 1-2 weeks.
Shoes – Tennis, work, and dress shoes
Shirts – Polos, button-ups, solid colored  t-shirts
Pants – Nice jeans, work pants, and slacks/khakis for church
Lounge – Clothes to sleep and  work-out in

Class material:

Pens, pencils, notebooks, paper. You will need a Bible as well.


Feel free to bring your normal soaps, shampoos, razors, etc. Also bring towels, shower shoes and anything else for a shower. The one thing to keep in mind here is that you will need to purchase your toilet paper and laundry detergent through our commissary.

We pray that God will use the Teen Challenge program to change your life. We pray that it will not only help you become clean and sober but more importantly will allow you to become a man of God.
By the time a student completes our 13-15 month intensive, inpatient program he will have the skills necessary to begin his new way of life. Graduates typically have full time employment and/or college enrollment, a savings account with enough finances to transition from our facility on their own, many if not all of their fines and debts paid, church membership, a strong accountability system, over a year of sobriety, and most importantly a new life in Christ.


Welcome Packet


Steps For Admission & Application For Intake

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